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Welcome to Gym & Tonic

Gym & Tonic is a privately run, personal gym & therapy centre that offers privacy and dedicated packages.


Packages are individually tailored to meet the specific requirements of all individuals whether they are a trained athlete wanting to maintain their fitness or someone simply wanting to increase their fitness levels.



The Endless Pool is basically a treadmill but in water. You simply swim in one spot, against a current for continuous swimming, the speed is set to your ability.

Few fitness activities rival swimming for cardiovascular and musculoskeletal benefits. Swimming works more muscle groups, simultaneously, than almost any other form of exercise. Swimming also burns as many calories as other aerobic sports without the associated dangers to muscles, bones, ligaments and joints due to stress and constant pounding.


Whether you have a water phobia or just need practice in open water swimming, we can help you with:-


1. Harmony with the water. We start with simple exercises to learn balance. As soon as you master balance,  the feeling of being completely and effortlessly supported by the water,  you'll stop wasting energy fighting "that sinking feeling" and feel more comfortable than ever. You'll also learn every subsequent skill much faster. Balance is the non-negotiable foundation skill of efficient swimming. Until you learn it, all your movements will be tiring and inefficient.


2. Pierce the Water What's holding you back from swimming faster or farther? It's drag, not your fitness or strength. Water is a wall because it's 1000 times denser than air. The cleverest way to improve your swimming is to learn to slip your body through the smallest possible "hole" in the water. "Slippery" swimmers need far less power or effort at any speed. Fish are faster than humans because their body shapes are so much sleeker.


3. Stroke Smoothly Because swimming happens in a fluid, FLUENT movement is hugely rewarded, while rough movement is hugely penalised. Human swimmers lose more energy making waves and creating turbulence than any workout can provide! Fish slip through the water with barely a ripple. We teach you to practice smooth, fluent propulsion that draws effortless power from core-body rhythms.

The pool can be hired with or without an instructor.