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Gym & Tonic is a privately run, personal gym & therapy centre that offers privacy and dedicated packages.


Packages are individually tailored to meet the specific requirements of all individuals whether they are a trained athlete wanting to maintain their fitness or someone simply wanting to increase their fitness levels.



For quite some time Diane has been on the search for products to help our clients from those working out in the gym, to her therapeutic clients dealing with Stress.  Bad diets are a great contributor to people’s ill health, feeling lethargic,  when that “get up and go feeling,  has just got up and gone right?”  After all the purchasing of extra vitamins from C to B12, magnesium Vit D...well it all just adds up, right?  That on top of your weekly shop all that can be really expensive, and you still feel tired.  In most cases you just forgetting to take the extra pills you purchase so they sit in your cupboards until they are out of date!!
Then there is your life style!  If you have families, you are busy running around between swimming and football drop offs,  grabbing (usually unhealthy) bite here and there.  Or perhaps you are trying to fit your food in around your training!   It could be your hours at work that hinder your progress, again just “grabbing a sandwich” usually feeling hungry just 2 or 3 hours later.  And those magical people who just “FORGET TO EAT”.   No matter how many times I have scheduled in eating to client’s diaries, these are still the obstacles that people are working against.  There had to be something “out there” that would work for my clients, in a healthy nutritious way.  Something that would not just “leave you” after a programme was completed, to turn around and put weight on again or leave you unsupported.  As many of you know I am a great believer in your thoughts becoming things.  And so they did.  IsAgenix crossed my path.  And yes, you do eat food on this programme too!
Launched in the UK in May 2017, we are excited to find this company well established in the USA and Australia.  We do not have all the products available yet in the UK, but what has been launched is very exciting.  Good eating programmes to support your health from weight loss, energy, performance, and healthy ageing, IsAgenix covers the lot.  These nutritionally balanced products are suitable for vegans.
Robert, James and Diane are embarking on the IsAgenix journey very shortly.  We will be recording a blog and sharing with you what we discover about the products and how we feel about them as we go.  Diane will be doing the weight loss programme, followed by the maintenance programme.  Robert is taking on the Energy Solution Programme with his next Ironman in sight.  James is looking at the performance solution but with some diary issues, these will have to be individually tailored for his needs.  To follow our journey, simply click below.  So far:
Robert has used the e-shot, a nutrient-packed, naturally caffeinated shot to help jump-start your day or power through afternoon lulls, or as in Robert’s case, before a heavy training session.  Robert said “I was about to start a heavy swim training session and was feeling really tired.  Mum had left the e-shot for me to try out.  Sometimes these can give you instant energy but you start flagging shortly after.  The e-shot boosted me to complete the set and I didn’t feel like I had “been dropped” after.  I didn’t feel hungry as I normally do either.   The Isalean Bar, I used before a heavy cycle and when I usually come home ravenous I wasn’t hungry at all”.
Diane has used the Isadelight chocolate squares and Isalean Bar.  Yes, all chocolate for this girl!  Normally, one chocolate is not enough, right?  But these were just enough for a treat.  The bar was incredible. “I arrived at our meeting with Delia Skillicorn who was teaching us about the nutrition of these products.  I was starving and was in my normal “danger zone” where food needs to be thrown at me instantly.  Delia did just that with one of these bars.  It reminded me of rice crispy bars with a toffee mix covered in chocolate.  I took a bite or two and it was so tasty.  I noticed that after eating quarter of the bar, I was no longer hungry.  Usually, I would ‘just eat it anyway’ I didn’t, in fact I snacked on the bar at intervals over the two days.
James has to wait for his order to arrive as these products had chocolate in and he cannot eat chocolate.