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..and Rehabilitation Centre

Welcome to Gym & Tonic

Gym & Tonic is a privately run, personal gym & therapy centre that offers privacy and dedicated packages.


Packages are individually tailored to meet the specific requirements of all individuals whether they are a trained athlete wanting to maintain their fitness or someone simply wanting to increase their fitness levels.



For Teenagers and those in their Twenties.

Finding out who YOU are and what YOU want.

Teenagers can challenge all of us, but can you remember what that period of you life was like for you?  There is so much going on for the teenager, their brains are not quite developed into the adult phase, yet adults insist on treating them as such.  The responsibilities placed upon them, exams etc and that's not including the hormones! 

All of this can be so very confusing for the teenager, and parents, perhaps forgetting what it was like, finding it difficult to communicate with their child.

I love working with teenagers on this journey of self discovery and understanding.  I work with them to help find a structure that works for them and their parents, while addressing their wants and needs. 

Equally, I help give parents that space to look at how their are parenting and help them construct a new pathway that works for them.

Parenting is not an easy job, especially when you care so very much.  Parenting does not come with a manual. Time/work pressures that parents are under in our modern world can make this seem one of the hardest jobs that they do. 

I have been so privileged to see both teens and families come together and move on.