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Welcome to Gym & Tonic

Gym & Tonic is a privately run, personal gym & therapy centre that offers privacy and dedicated packages.


Packages are individually tailored to meet the specific requirements of all individuals whether they are a trained athlete wanting to maintain their fitness or someone simply wanting to increase their fitness levels.



Body/Mind Therapies

Health Issues with the Body Mind Package

Learn how your thoughts affect your health and what you can do to start the healing. Illness occurs in the body in order to sometimes bring ‘issues’ we have been avoiding into our awareness. For example, when you are feeling angry towards someone and you are gritting your teeth, you jaw is clenched and before you know it, you have a sore throat. Psycho-spiritually this is because you are swallowing these important feelings down. Stop these feeling s from manifesting into other health issues.

Free yourself with my techniques.

These programmes below are one-to-one but workshops are sometimes available. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

The following can be arranged separately, or as a package that can be any of the following:

Remedial/Sports Massage

Therapeutic Massage


Indian Head Massage


Light half body massage and meditation - enhancing your reconnection to your body:

All too often people displaying signs of stress or anxiety are energetically “living in their heads”. Travelling from one issue to the next, without stopping to see “how they feel”.

Take some time out for YOU to reconnect and learn how ‘to check in’ with You.

Learn how to communicate again so you can be more aware when stress presents its self and take steps to avoid the build up. More importantly, stop health issues developing into bigger problems.